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The Strange Life of Brad
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23rd-Apr-2006 04:42 am - Why am I awake?
It's 23 minutes till 5 am on a sunday, and what am I doing? I blog. Grand! I am ready for summer, I need to just get back home and away from school. Away from this buidling. It's making me sick every week and ruining my life. I just want to get healthy again.

I miss my life in Pittsburgh, as much as I hate to say it. Reasons? I can only start to list them: Cherie, Greg, Kayla, Pegasus, CN, McFlurries, CiCis, Nance, Dot, the EL parties, listening to Skin.

I know that summer is going to be here soon and that I will get home and start working my ass off to get my financial life back in order, but I want that now. I go home on friday to be fitted for the tux for prom. Then, its 2 weeks till I am back in Hampton. I am just curious as to what this summer will bring.
1st-Apr-2006 07:51 pm - A Wasted Saturday
I did nothing today. Nothing at all. I woke up at basicly noon. I threw shit away, and put a book on eBay. That's about it so far. Tonight isn't shaping up to be that great either. Why do I bother?
1st-Apr-2006 01:05 pm - Why Am I So Petrified of Silence?
Why am I so alone?
26th-Mar-2006 04:54 pm - Another Weekend In Pittsburgh
I took my last weekend in Pittsburgh until Easter. I had to return that laptop for the final time, I get a new one when I go back for the holiday.

Friday I did nothing really. Mom and I ordered pizza, the intent was to go out with Greg, but that didn't happen for whatever reasons.

Saturday I worked at 6am till 1pm. Visited Cherie's appartment (Quite nice I must say!), and then she went to go to Max and Erma's to work. So I went out with Nate from Pitt. We walked downtown for about an hour and a half, so that was fun.

First, I dropped off the laptop and drove to Cranberry to do so, then back to downtown. I managed to finally listen to episode three of Porn Stars Talk :) I feel it was the best so far!

Ohhhh! I fogot to blog this, but I got to actully talk on the phone with Joseph Fenity! It was weird hearing him talking not to the world but just to me, but so cool. I hope to hang out with him this summer if I can, and damn it I will do it or I will die.

*end sidetrack about a hottie*

After the nate fun, hung out at the Casa Yeager with Greggie. Again, that was always fun. What do two bored kids do? We make chocolate covered strawberries, that's what we do! And go to Starbucks (grande cinnoman dolce frap.)

Sunday I didn't work, went to the mall with my mum. It's deserted without Macy's...but can't wait for Nordies!!!!!!!! Then back to IUP now in the computer lab. Peace
22nd-Mar-2006 12:16 am(no subject)
So Brad, with a class in 8 hours, let's write our feelings for the world to see.  Should I start with how I had a dream of something that can work, but it seems as if it won't?

Perhaps Brad, you idiot, you should look at how you think you find a kindred, but it will not pan out ever.

Perhaps Brad, you should stop dreaming of things that are out of your ballpark, out of whatever you could have.

Or Brad, perhaps if you stop dreaming of what could be, you will lose the very essence of who you are.

Fuck.  I just wanted to find a kindred, and when I thought I did, it seems to not go my way.  That has been my luck and will be my luck.  Or maybe I just need to call him and talk...face to face?
11th-Mar-2006 09:52 pm - Live From Monterey Bay
Hello Faithful Bloggers,

I am now in Monterey Bay, starting out the best road trip of my life. I had two flights on Southwest Airlines, which went quite well I must say. I flew Pittsburgh to Vegas, had an hour and a half layover, then flew to San Jose. A word of warning, Las Vegas is a rather pricy airport, at 8 dollars for a freaking "value" meal at Burger King. Crazy! And they didn't even have barbeque or ranch sauce for my chicken fries. Urgh! All I wanted was some dipping goodness, and I was denied!

When we got back to Monterey, Cher, her parents and I went to the beach. The Pacific Ocean is a lot colder in Monterey than I thought I would be. I guess out in Pittsburgh, we all have this idea of it being all sunny and such in Califonia, but not true. Then again, there was an ice storm last night and today from Alaska. That's Brad luck for you, the one time he visits the west coast things like this happen.

After the beach, Cherie and I went to dinner at this place called the Red Bear Diner. It was rather quaint and homey. I had Pot Roast, soup, bread, onion rings (gave half to China), and beans. Cherie had Chicken Pot Pie, salad, fries (gave half to me), and potato salad. They had a killer dessert menu, but we were both stuffed from our dinner. The server was great, too. I was acting all Pittsburgh on her and asked what kind of diet pop they had, and she was kinda thrown off, but she had been back East before so she knew what was going on.

I am getting ready for bed, we should be leaving Monterey around noon tomorrow, after Cherie does some laundry. Then it's on to Disneyland Hotel (and Disneyland Park on Monday), and San Diego to see Miki before Cherie leaves for Pittsburgh.

Until I can next update,
6th-Mar-2006 09:47 am - Shitty Weekend
This weekend was another one that I learned that lying to my parents gets me screwed over.

So they bought me a Chevy Lumina on Friday, things were going great. Hung out with Greg on Friday and then it was planned to hang out on Saturday. I lead my parents to belive I was going to chill in Cranberry, but we eneded up going to Pegs. And it was fine, until I realized that my car would not shift out of Park. Grand. This of couse happened at the parking garage, so that made it so much easier to get the tow truck in. Why does my life have these little things to remind me not to lie?

1st-Mar-2006 11:48 pm(no subject)
I am not going to lie, the fact that I have to wait until I get my laptop back to listen to Porn Stars Talk is pissing me off!

WHY HP? Why do you torment me?
26th-Feb-2006 11:58 pm - DV1000 ~ How About NEVER?
I sent in my laptop again on Friday. I figured that it was best to get it in when I knew that I would have a week of Spring Break in March to help buffer out the time it will be in the shop. Also, if it breaks one more time after this, I get a new one. Hot diggity dog!
Perhaps first off, I should say that roomie and I are listening to The Pussycat Dolls cd as I write this entry.  Such a guilty pleasure, in my opinion.

Well, it's Thirsty Thursday, and I for one feel that I could go for a drink.  Perhaps some Hpnotiq?  Anyone? Ok loyal readers, have a drink and sit as I tell you of my week.

To start, I am now sunbuned on my back and the back of my legs.  My butt too, that's kinda fun.  At least other parts of me are not burned, but I will leave that up to you to figure out.  And yes, I know the dangers of tanning, but I figured becasue I am going to California in 16 days, I should get a base tan for when I go to the beach.  Then, Cherie told me that I would be darker than her and everyone would think I am a surfer dude when I have never swam in the Pacific Ocean.  Oh well, surfer boys are hot and should go surfing at nude beaches.

This trip is going to be amazing.  I can't wait to explore the wonders of the Golden State (and yes, I was trying to make it sound like an advertisment for the state.)  Monterey Bay at night, I hear it's beauiful (much like surfer boys), shopping for a swim suit --becasue apparently my idea of something cute like this is not what she had in mind:

*Sigh* maybe if my body looked like his.  Well, I am loosing weight, mainly steming from the fact I don't each much anymore.  I am not having an eating disorder, fear not (but thank you very much for caring enough to worry about me.)  Actully, I have a weight based goal, Greg and I are not allowed to go back to a certin club until we both lose 20 pounds.  Petty?  Yes, very much, however we have fun there so it is good motivation to do some serious gym work.  I would go today, becasue I am able to now after the surgery, but this sunburned behind is not really a good thing to expose to massive twisting of the eliptical trainer--but I guess I could do the treadmill on walking for an hour or so.  Perhaps I will go, after I do some French work.

I recently unhid a post from Feb 9, 2006, hidden origionally to make me look less of a whore, but now I unhid it.  I feel people who read this know who I am as a person, so why lie to them.  Enough of the selfritious bullshit.  I am still basicly single.  I am talking to some people, but I don't know where I really see any of it going.  I guess I should just wait and focus more on my school work than finding someone to cuddle with at night, but cuddling is so damn fun!  (Ironic that PCD's "I Don't Need A Man" was playing as I wrote this)

So my computer is getting more shady as the days go on.  Two days ago, my ethernet port ended his life.  My feeling is that it was a suicide pact he made with that damn USB port that never works.  Again people, HP=bad news!  And I decided that I need to take the laptop to Best Buy on Friday, when dad gets me to go back to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  Maybe I can talk to them about the Lemon Law and how I soon should be getting a new comptuer to replace the one that NEVER worked.  The only issue is that if it does need sent out out one more time, I won't have it to go on the flight to California.  Not really a big deal though.  I have my iPod, and I could borrow Ryan's portable DVD player for the plane trip/hotels.  Speaking of iPod, I need to buy the other two Cho CDs for when I go out west; I have Notorious C.H.O. (borrowed from Greg who I think is yet to return it to nastyass exShane), and Assassin (got that bugger on iTunes).  So all I need to get is Revolution and I'm The One That I Want.

I need to get some aloe for this sunburn, it's not making me a happy person.  *Random thought wasn't it?*

Bradford and I watched Rent last night in Wallace main lounge, that was fun.  Such a great movie, but at the same time not really.  I have such mixed feelings on how it was done, but at the same time I loved how it brought Rent to a group of people who very likely would never have been able to exerance the musical on Broadway.  And I do smile everytime "Take Me Or Leave Me" comes on, the scene was done so well.  And Mimi at the end just made me laugh.

This weekend, as I have said a few times before in this entry, I go back to Pittsburgh.  I have so much I want to do over the weekend, and I don't know how I will ever be able to fit it all in.  I work both Saturday and Sunday morning, I want to go out with Greg, maybe to the mall or dinner.  I want to go take my new friend Jon out to a diner (he likes them just as I do.)  I want to go out with my friend Casey, party with Amanda and Summer, and so much other little things that I want to do.  Weekends-why must you be so short?

I have to reply to an email and then I will be off to start my day (at nearly 1pm-good life choice Brad)

Peace, lucious ones!
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